Top o’ the mornin’!

I’m way ahead of myself in creating this blog – I have 11 months left here in Japan (longer if I decide to put off Peace Corps or am not accepted and stay here another year), but I couldn’t help myself.

The timeline for my application process is available on a separate tab of this page; I’ll update that as I go. For now, I’m just waiting to hear from a recruiter. Once you’ve submitted your application (the personal experience one and the medical questionnaire, as well as the names and contact info for your three recommenders), you get an email saying you’ll hear from them in 3-4 weeks, and that you’ll receive a letter in about 10 days (longer since I’m in Japan). That letter should have the stuff you need to long on to the Toolkit, where you work on/follow your application and whatnot.

I’m super excited!