Hiccup… hiccup

I seem to have hit a small hitch. I got my paperwork in the mail on Monday – a letter telling me how to get into the Toolkit which I had already figured out, and an envelope requesting fingerprints and college transcripts. I ordered my transcripts, but… fingerprints. Er… yeah. So today I went to the local police station and spent a good 15 minutes explaining what I was trying to say. They told me to go buy an ink pad at the dollar store and do them at home. I explained that this was official, and that wouldn’t work. So they spent a good long time making three different phone calls, and I was finally told that if I wanted my fingerprints taken, I’d have to get myself arrested. Fantastic.

Turns out, there are only two times it’s legal to take fingerprints in Japan. One is when someone is arrested; the other is when a foreign national comes here to be a long-term resident – and they have to do it every time they come in and out of the country, too.

So, blurgh. This could be a problem. And I only have 3.5 weeks left to send it in (has to be sent within 4 weeks of getting the letter). Yep, bit of a hiccup.


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