Possible assignments

I’ve received an e-mail from my recruiter, with lots of info. The most exciting is the programs for which I’m likely eligible (which weren’t a surprise): secondary English teaching, and secondary teacher training. I did some research on those programs.

The teaching one happens in one French-speaking West African country (Togo? Benin? Cameroon?), Eastern/Central Europe, and one Central Asian country.

The teacher training happens in one Central Asian country (Kazakhstan?), one Eastern/Central European country (Ukraine?), and one Asian country where English and Russian are the focus of foreign language teaching (Mongolia?).

Well, those are all exciting prospects, but none of it will matter if I can’t get my blazing fingerprints done! I’ve emailed a friend who got hers done here and is currently in Kazakhstan; she said I’ll probably have to get the Board of Education to have a talk with the police to convince them to do it… fun times!


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