Interview done

I had my interview at 12:30 AM yesterday (Saturday morning, thankfully). It went just swimmingly. 🙂 Unfortunately their video interview system didn’t want to work on my computer and I couldn’t hear him on speaker phone, so he had to go find a headset to do it with. But he was nice about it, thankfully.

The only hiccup, in my opinion, was that I hadn’t told my family yet. He wanted me to do that before moving forward (which I assume is a sign that I’ll be nominated!!), so I told them yesterday morning. That went… well, it went. Sometimes I feel like I’m a terrible, selfish person for moving around like this, but it’s not strong enough to stop me from doing it. Maybe that’s a sign that I really am horribly selfish. I’m putting my desire to live in foreign countries and move around over my family’s need to see me.

But, even if that makes me a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad person, here I am, still applying, and anxiously waiting for them to receive notice that I told my parents, the vegetarian questionnaire I submitted and my final recommendation form which still hasn’t been submitted. Hopefully that’ll all happen soon and we can move forward!


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