No-mi-na-tion, nomination is the name!

(Bonus points for title reference.)

I’ve been nominated to train English teachers in Central or South America, leaving mid-September 2011!

Totally different from the region I expected (Eastern Europe/Central Asia), seeing as the info the recruiter sent me about what she thought I’d be eligible for (secondary English teaching/teacher training) said no programs were available in Latin America… umm, ok. But I speak Spanish, I’m all for it!

However, I know it’s likely to change once my medical kit is in… ugh. But that’s ok. Yay!

I’ve been trying to figure out what country she’s thinking based on countries where my program is available, and that groups have left between late August and early October for the last two years. If I’ve got those correct, then I’ve figured the country out (there’s only one). But I assume it won’t be that country just because I think I’ve figured it out… hah. And just because they’ve left at a certain time the last two years certainly doesn’t mean they will next year. So, anyway. Ho hum.


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