My brain hurts

So, of course I’ve been obsessing trying to figure out what country the recruiter had in mind for me.

In the last post, I mentioned having narrowed it down to one country. That was Nicaragua. And then I realized, oh my god, Colombia. The first new group of Colombia volunteers left this fall, and there are TEFL volunteers. Ok, so maybe she wants to send me there?

Then I started going through the list again at Peace Corps Wiki, trying to figure it out again. Colombia isn’t really in their system yet because the program is so new, so we’ll leave that aside for now. Otherwise, there are apparently only three countries (in their admittedly imperfect database) in Central/South America with secondary English teacher training programs: Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala, none of which have had September departures – except for 2007 and 2008 for Nicaragua, and 2008 for El Salvador. Guatemala never has, but it has had August departures for the past few years. But the PC Welcome Book for Guatemala doesn’t talk about English teacher training (only primary education health training), and the El Salvador one doesn’t talk about teacher training at all. I want to bang my head against the desk now.

So I’m royally stumped. I have NO FREAKING IDEA, which is probably good since I’ll end up getting sent somewhere completely different anyway…


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  1. Hey there! I have a nomination that is similar: English Teacher, late Sept. 2011, Central/South America. I don’t know where I am going either. I thought Colombia too at first, but then I also thought Paraguay. I’ve kind of given up on thinking about it because I won’t know until I actually get an invitation.

    Anywho, I thought that maybe Costa Rica might be a program for you? They have TEFL as well and a group left last October.

    Good luck w/medical as well. I am patiently waiting for my clearance at the current moment.

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