I fell down the stupid tree…

… and hit every branch on the way down.

My psych evaluation is tomorrow, at 9AM. At 11AM, I’m going to the other doctor to pick up and look over all the paperwork she did for me. Trouble is, I forgot to remove the psych evaluation from the paperwork.


At least the office opens at 8. So I get to go 15 minutes west and then 15 minutes north, pick up the eval, then go 15 minutes south and 25 minutes east and 10 minutes north, get my brain picked, then go 10 minutes south and 25 minutes west and 15 minutes north and check all my bloodwork and such, then go 15 minutes south and 15 minutes east and sit in a heap and twitch.

Sounds like a fantastic morning, no?


Continental confusion

I was talking with my aunt a couple days ago, and she asked me questions nobody had asked yet. I mean, yeah, people have asked why I want to join PC, but they’ve accepted my basic answer – I want to try to make a difference in someone’s life, even though I know I’ll probably benefit from it more than they will, and I want to experience things few others get to.

That’s totally true. But I guess there’s just so much more I hadn’t really put into cohesive thoughts even, let alone words.

I’m also a little nervous because she said I don’t sound very excited to go to Central or South America. I am excited, but as I told her, I’m trying not to get too attached to it, since it might change. But where I really, truly want to go is Africa. And she could tell. I want to go there so bad. But I can’t fully verbalize why. I know I’d have an amazing time anywhere, but I can’t shake the feeling still.

Oh, well. She said since I want to go to Africa so bad, I’ll end up there at some point. I bet she’s right. 🙂 Even if it’s not with PC, I’ll get there at some point.

Giant squid of anger!

I went to a local clinic (I’m home for winter break) on Friday (and again Monday), the dentist today (and again tomorrow), and will be picking my stuff up from the clinic on the 29th. PC will refund $225 for the medical and dental. HAAAAAAA. I’ve already spent $328 on medical stuff (including the physical, blood tests, pap, and shots), and… wait for it… $634.50 on the f*ing dentist. AND that’s after the dentist gave me a $560 discount!!

Somebody remind me why I’m doing this?

I needed 3 cavities filled (two very minor), and got lucky – someone cancelled their appointment that was just after mine, so the dentist quickly did the two small ones. I’m going in tomorrow for the bigger one, and that’s already included in that $634.50. I still have to get a couple more medical things done when I’m back in Japan, but they’re just reports so it shouldn’t be too expensive. Oh, and the eye check. Which they refund a whopping $12 for… this better be cheap.

963 freaking dollars. I had BETTER be getting my $225 back. That’s still $734 on all this. ARGH@)($*#()$*)#(%&Q#%ITWEF*)(#RE. That’s all.

(PS- bonus points for title reference).