More money than a plane ticket.

I had a psychiatrist evaluation on Weds for one of the special evaluations in my medical kit, and he declared me “stalwart” and “engaging” with “fair eye contact.” So that’s good, though, I’m less crazy than I thought. 🙂

What was less good, though, was the $225 that cost me.

He was also 40 minutes late starting my appointment, which caused me to be 20 minutes late to the clinic to pick up my bloodwork, which meant they pushed my appointment back by an hour and I was lucky to get squeezed in. Turns out they missed my chickenpox immunity blood test, so they had to draw blood for that and I’ll get it on Tuesday. Other than that, thankfully, everything was done and came back normal.

On Monday I’m having my eye exam, Tuesday I’ll pick up the chickenpox test, Wednesday I go back to Japan, and once I’m back, I have to make a couple more dr’s appointments for evaluations of previous issues (as the doctor at the clinic said, “what haven’t you had?!”), and then I can MAIL IT. Life win.

Less of a life win: NOT including any fees for the evaluations in Japan (which shouldn’t be too bad), after reimbursement I’ll have spent $1,067 on medical clearance. That is more than my plane ticket to come home for winter break, and that money was supposed to go towards student loans. Thankfully I’m ahead on my loans, but seriously, over $1,000? No wonder some people (at least online) think PC is for rich kids with nothing better to do.


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  1. Hey! I got your comment about toughing it out through the New Years. I am so excited someone out there is reading my blog. Haha. It feels pretty awesome! I made it through the holiday’s pretty well. Still working on a decision, but I know it will all work out for the better. Peace Corps is amazing and the work of the volunteers is outstanding. Good luck with everything and if you need any advice just let me know!

    • Thanks! I hope you’re comfortable with whichever decision you make; I can imagine it’s a tough one!

      And I definitely enjoy your blog. 🙂

  2. I agree that the fees for completing the medical kit are super crazy, I mean doctor’s appointments and bloodwork is super expensive. I super lucked out on my medical kit. I’m a current University student so I get free doctor’s appointments, which means I only have to pay for things like the actual vaccines and extras such as xrays. When I was done with the medkit it cost $600 which btw is twice as much as my spring break vacation. 😦

    But they’re changing the medical kit stuff, which won’t help us because it won’t be in effect until next year. But applicants won’t have to do all the medical tests until they’re actually in the PC and just have to provide basic medical information when they apply. Everybody who looks healthy on those forms will get a free pass and will just have to get vaccinated pre-departure.

  3. remember way back with our applications when we filled out the health questionnaire? and that automatically generated supplemental paperwork? So starting next year only that supplemental paperwork will have to be filled out by applicants not all that other crap. So only the people who have a history of conditions will have to fill out their stuff before they get their invitations, everybody else gets to wait.

    which I think is wonderful for them, but bullshit for us.

  4. Huh. Interesting. So what if one of those things came back with a problem? Weird. Oh, well. Thanks for letting me know!

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