… and then there was one.

If I’m not immune to the chickenpox after this shot I got today, there will be revenge.

Down to one (hopefully) more appointment to finish my med kit, on Feb. 18. Just have to wait until then, I suppose. Boy, there sure is a lot of waiting in this process.


2 Responses

  1. Does everyone have to have a psyc evaluation? I haven’t even gotten my medical kit and the cost is already stressing me out.

    • No, they don’t, don’t worry. I identified myself as having wintertime depression, so I had to have it. If you answered yes to any of the mental illness or related question, you’ll probably need one.

      Also, if you have dental insurance, it’ll be way cheaper for you than it was for me. I had to pay out of pocket for the cleaning, xrays, and 3 fillings (which my dentist gave me a huge discount on because she felt bad for me).

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