Weekly photo 6

California Desert, 8/2009


Med kit mailed!

Expressway tolls: $15.88
Roundtrip time saved by taking the expressway: 70 minutes
Gas money: $6.69
Finding the only DHL office in a 3.5 hour radius, without getting lost, to mail your Peace Corps medical kit: PRICELESS.

That’s all. 😀

Any returned volunteers:

PRI (Public Radio International) program “The World” is doing a project for the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps. They’re looking for RPCV’s to answer “what was your best day in the Peace Corps?” and “what was your worst day in the Peace Corps?” They’re also accepting videos and pictures.

Just in case the embedding stops working, the link to the youtube video about it (it’s short, don’t worry) is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOLm28axO9A

Pushed back

Got an email this morning. The program I’m nominated for was pushed back from a Sept. departure to an Oct. departure.

Nothing earth-shattering, just interesting to note. 🙂

… and then there were none. (Or, WOO done with med appts!)

Had my (fingers crossed) final appointment today, to have one of the supplemental forms filled out. This weekend I’m going to go through everything, make a few more copies, and panic a bit. Unfortunately I can’t send it until next Friday, because the DHL office is open M-F until 6pm, it’s over an hour’s drive away, and I work until at least 5pm M-Th. Thank my lucky stars for half-day Fridays!

Weekly photo 5

End of the line, Ono, Japan, 9/2009

Activists win

Japan has called off this year’s Antarctic whale hunt because activists have been blocking their ships. It’s not mentioned in this BBC article (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-12477398), but I remember seeing on the Sea Shepherd website that they were blocking the ships from refueling, which would force them to return to Japan. Sea Shepherd is the name of the group and main boat that have been trying to stop Japanese whaling. They’re also the ones responsible for The Cove.