Japan – how you can help

If you’re in Japan, there are donation collections happening all over the place – Hearts supermarket is accepting things, a lot of community centers are accepting goods and money, combinis are accepting donations, Second Harvest Japan is now accepting boxes, etc. As soon as trucks can get into the area, food, blankets, toiletries, etc will be delivered – right now transportation is pretty limited, but it will be getting better soon as they repair the infrastructure.

Also, anyone in Japan please try to keep travel (especially in the east) to a minimum, and limit your electricity consumption to help ease the loss of those reactors. There are daily blackouts scheduled for the next two months in a large portion of eastern Japan.

Most of you, though, are not here. So if you want to do something, try donating to the Red Cross’ relief fund.

Please keep the people in the Tohoku region and surrounding areas in your thoughts!


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