Medical hold

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy getting into the swing of things after my trip to India.

I emailed PC before leaving, saying I’d have limited-to-no email contact in India, and my medical contact responded not to worry, because they wouldn’t even be getting to my med kit until a while after I returned. Well. The day after I left, I got an email that my status had been updated. OHMIGAWDPANICRAWR. But it just said a medical hold had been placed. When I got back, I received a scary DHL envelope asking for more info on two issues, one current and one past. I can’t go to the doctor until April 25 (I have to work the Saturday before so I get Monday off), so I’m hoping to do both appointments that day. I guess it’s good, though, that they’re already looking at it. Gives me (false) hope that I’ll know where I’m going before I leave Japan this summer…


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  1. You’ll do fine, honey. My fingers (and toes — seriously, one of them anyway) are crossed.

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