Weekly photo 19

Watermelon festival, Japan, 8/2010


Provisional medical clearance

I heard back from the woman I was in contact with about the asthma papers. She spoke with someone else and they’ve accepted my personal statement without a doctor’s additional statement! They’re also giving me “provisional” medical clearance, pending my submission of my second chicken pox shot (planned for this Friday) and them finding a place that can accommodate my asthma (somewhere not super high-up and not ridiculously humid). Woohoo!

Weekly photo 18

Storefront, Galway, Ireland, 12/2006

TED talks you should watch, third edition

Greening the ghetto” by Majora Carter (18 minutes)

Tales of passion” by Isabel Allende (18 minutes)

I’m. So. Confused.

So, I’ve been trying to get extra documentation about my (super mild, intermittent) asthma for Medical. If you didn’t notice, SUPER MILD AND INTERMITTENT. As in, I don’t use daily meds and I only use my “rescue” inhaler (which I WILL SURVIVE WITHOUT) once every 3-4 months, except when the humidity rises above 90% consistently or I am over 7,000 feet up a freaking mountain. So basically, ahem, SUPER MILD AND INTERMITTENT. Just in case that wasn’t clear. No, I’m not bitter…

Anyway. They had recently asked for a personal statement plus a statement from a doctor about it (in addition to the evaluation I did in the med kit), but I couldn’t get one from a doctor so they said a detailed personal statement was ok. So I sent one. And they emailed me back saying, “we need a doctor’s statement.” So I responded asking what was wrong with my document and what exactly did they want the doctor to say that I didn’t say? Keep in mind I don’t have an asthma doctor, not even in the US. When I need new meds, I just tell whoever my doctor is at the time (student health; random doctor in Spain, my students’ father; my lady parts doctor; the guy treating me for a cold; whatever) what I take and why I need them. And it’s always been cool. But for a statement, the doctor said unless she followed me around day and night, she could not testify as to exactly when I had issues, and she couldn’t take my word for it. So, no statement.

So… what the heck did PC want me to do? So I asked. And suddenly, I’m no longer on medical hold. I’m under review. Apparently questioning them works. Victory is mine. I seriously hope so, because I really don’t think I’ll be able to get anything from a doctor here, and my next opportunity to see an American doctor will be late August at the earliest.

My friend in Kazakhstan has said a few times this is the worst part, and she ought to know because I think her and her husband’s medical process took forever and a day. So I really hope she’s right. I turned my med kit in at the end of February. It’s mid-May, and I applied way back in September. As of August, I’m jobless and moving in with my parents. Plus if I don’t have an idea as to when I’m leaving soon, I won’t know whether to sign up for community college classes (for grad school) in the fall, or when exactly to schedule my flight back to California – both of which I need to do asap.


Weekly photo 17

Flea market, Paris, France, 11/2006

No news is… no news.

Sorry for the radio silence in relation to PC lately. I got a request at the beginning of April for more info on two things, and I couldn’t get a doctor to write about one (so I’m just doing a detailed personal statement), and I couldn’t get an appointment for the other until last week. This was a minor problem I had two years ago, but I’ve still got to get more info. Yargh. I should be able to pick up the form on Friday, and then I’ve just got to figure out how to fax internationally to avoid driving over an hour away to the DHL dropoff.

I found a mistake in my paperwork, though. I made a couple mistakes, actually. In trying to be super thorough, I included minor symptoms I’ve had that could be related to certain conditions, but aren’t for me. So I got paperwork for things that weren’t applicable to me. I got that straightened out with personal statements. But there’s one thing I left out because I’m dumb. I wrote down that I was taking St. John’s Wort for mild winter depression (over the counter), but I didn’t mention my asthma inhaler. Umm, dumb.

Sometimes, I feel like this guy.

I mean, I use it so rarely, I just forget I have it. But they said I can send them info about exactly what it is, how often I use it, and how often I have the prescription refilled. Good gracious, I’ll be lucky if they don’t refuse me placement just for being a stupid overachiever. (headdesk).