No news is… no news.

Sorry for the radio silence in relation to PC lately. I got a request at the beginning of April for more info on two things, and I couldn’t get a doctor to write about one (so I’m just doing a detailed personal statement), and I couldn’t get an appointment for the other until last week. This was a minor problem I had two years ago, but I’ve still got to get more info. Yargh. I should be able to pick up the form on Friday, and then I’ve just got to figure out how to fax internationally to avoid driving over an hour away to the DHL dropoff.

I found a mistake in my paperwork, though. I made a couple mistakes, actually. In trying to be super thorough, I included minor symptoms I’ve had that could be related to certain conditions, but aren’t for me. So I got paperwork for things that weren’t applicable to me. I got that straightened out with personal statements. But there’s one thing I left out because I’m dumb. I wrote down that I was taking St. John’s Wort for mild winter depression (over the counter), but I didn’t mention my asthma inhaler. Umm, dumb.

Sometimes, I feel like this guy.

I mean, I use it so rarely, I just forget I have it. But they said I can send them info about exactly what it is, how often I use it, and how often I have the prescription refilled. Good gracious, I’ll be lucky if they don’t refuse me placement just for being a stupid overachiever. (headdesk).


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