I’m. So. Confused.

So, I’ve been trying to get extra documentation about my (super mild, intermittent) asthma for Medical. If you didn’t notice, SUPER MILD AND INTERMITTENT. As in, I don’t use daily meds and I only use my “rescue” inhaler (which I WILL SURVIVE WITHOUT) once every 3-4 months, except when the humidity rises above 90% consistently or I am over 7,000 feet up a freaking mountain. So basically, ahem, SUPER MILD AND INTERMITTENT. Just in case that wasn’t clear. No, I’m not bitter…

Anyway. They had recently asked for a personal statement plus a statement from a doctor about it (in addition to the evaluation I did in the med kit), but I couldn’t get one from a doctor so they said a detailed personal statement was ok. So I sent one. And they emailed me back saying, “we need a doctor’s statement.” So I responded asking what was wrong with my document and what exactly did they want the doctor to say that I didn’t say? Keep in mind I don’t have an asthma doctor, not even in the US. When I need new meds, I just tell whoever my doctor is at the time (student health; random doctor in Spain, my students’ father; my lady parts doctor; the guy treating me for a cold; whatever) what I take and why I need them. And it’s always been cool. But for a statement, the doctor said unless she followed me around day and night, she could not testify as to exactly when I had issues, and she couldn’t take my word for it. So, no statement.

So… what the heck did PC want me to do? So I asked. And suddenly, I’m no longer on medical hold. I’m under review. Apparently questioning them works. Victory is mine. I seriously hope so, because I really don’t think I’ll be able to get anything from a doctor here, and my next opportunity to see an American doctor will be late August at the earliest.

My friend in Kazakhstan has said a few times this is the worst part, and she ought to know because I think her and her husband’s medical process took forever and a day. So I really hope she’s right. I turned my med kit in at the end of February. It’s mid-May, and I applied way back in September. As of August, I’m jobless and moving in with my parents. Plus if I don’t have an idea as to when I’m leaving soon, I won’t know whether to sign up for community college classes (for grad school) in the fall, or when exactly to schedule my flight back to California – both of which I need to do asap.



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  1. Yep, the PC expectation that applicants / nominees can simply sit back and wait as the calender keeps sliding by, is so very frustrating. I empathize with you, because I just spent twelve months awaiting my invitation. During that time I passed up many opportunities to register for trainings / certification courses / etc. Brace yourself for even more waiting periods. I received an invitation with five months to wait for Staging. But, we are making progress.
    Best wishes to you.

    • Yeah, I’ve been reading your blog, you had quite a wait there! I’m glad things are working out, though.

      I just got “provisional” medical clearance pending a couple things, so that’s good. Maybe I’ll get lucky and hear from them before the class registration deadline…? Wishful thinking.

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