All I know is I’m not going to Colombia.

Just finished my interview. She had given me two options, one of which I’m 99% sure was Colombia (C/SA, October, teacher training, new PC country, must live with host family whole time). But she’s taken it off the table because I wasn’t comfortable living with a host family for the full 2 years. I tried to explain that I know it’s culturally a great idea, but I’ve learned how important privacy is and I’d really like more control over my food. But she said she’s going to take that one out of the running and look at a different October departure as well as a couple January departures for C/SA or Asia. Shall have to go obsessively search those possibilities now. Anyway, she said I should hear in a week or two.


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  1. Hi Claire, I’m the person you gave advice to about applying for Japan. I hope this doesn’t sound too strange, but I was thinking about you last night and wondering what you’d hear! I got the same nomination as you (teacher trainer, C/SA, but much later departure date.) I was even wondering if it was for Colombia, so thanks for posting that info! I decided to not do my medical stuff until I move back to the US this Aug, so I know it’s even less likely than usual that I’ll end up with my original nomination, but I still think about it anyway. I hope you keep blogging, I really want to know where you go 🙂

  2. er, applying *from* Japan, oops

    • Hey. Congrats on the nomination! Waiting on medical until you get back to the US will probably set you back, yeah. But it’ll be a lot easier, too. Do you have insurance in the US? If you don’t, I really recommend finding a low-income clinic like I did, because it’s crazy expensive – especially if you need any dental work (I needed 3 fillings!).

      I’m mostly sure Colombia is the one leaving in October, but then again, I could be wrong so don’t count on that one. 🙂

      I’ll definitely keep blogging and hopefully be able to post in the next two weeks where I’m going! And I’d love to hear where you end up, too.

      • No insurance…guess I know how I’ll be spending my pension refund!

        And I agree with Kylenemichele, it’s good you went with what you wanted re 2 years with a host family, seems like you’re very aware of advantages/disadvantages either way, and I can see day-to-day details like privacy and living space being way more important in the end than things that seem bigger, like which country and which month you leave, so your decision definitely makes sense to me.

  3. Asia in January? Well now, that would be Thailand 🙂 and I’m IN Thailand right now … and it’s a beautiful country. And, C/SA in January as of right now I think is only Nicaragua … I think the rest of the C/SA countries don’t have a TT program … but those are just guesses … and I’ll also say that it’s good that you stuck to your guts about not wanting to live with a host family. While there are definitely some volunteers (some of my good friends actually) who decided to stay with families longer than the required period, most definitely like to have their own space and their own freedoms. If you know you want that, don’t settle just to get an invite. Good luck!

    • Hi, yeah, I figured it was Thailand or Nicaragua. She’s since sent me more questions about North Africa/Middle East, though, so I think she’s leaning towards that. Fine by me!

      I didn’t want to lie and say I was totally ok staying with a host family and end up in a situation I already knew I wasn’t comfortable with. I’m glad to know people don’t think I’m crazy! Plus I’m more likely to have a chance to stay vegetarian if I have control over my own food – or at least eat vegetarian/vegan at home, depending on where I’m placed. I know a lot of volunteers give that up, but I’m not willing to unless it really is necessary, so I want the chance to try!

      PS – I don’t know if I’ve ever commented on your blog, but I’ve been following it since before you left and I really love reading it! 🙂

  4. Well, Rose, I’d definitely try to find a low-income clinic, then, or one that takes people without insurance. My stuff ended up a lot cheaper there. And if you think you might need any fillings, try to get them in Japan if possible. I don’t think you can get the xrays here, though.

  5. Hey Claire, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Sounds like you are playing a wicked game of “figure out the country.” Also sounds like all of your options are pretty awesome. Hope you find out soon!

  6. Claire,
    I just had my interview on Monday and it was also for TT program in a new S/C American country! My guess was also Colombia, I guess I’ll know in a week or so though. I’m a little nervous about the placement in Colombia, for safety reasons, but I’m sure it’ll all work out. Do you have to do another interview now, or will they send you an invite to another country? In any case, good luck!

    • I received my invitation in the mail for Colombia! There should be a Facebook page set up for this new group!

      • Hi Katie, no, I don’t think I’ll have another interview, but I’m communicating with the placement officer via email as she chooses another placement for me.

        Heidi Jo, congrats on the invite! I do think Colombia would be super awesome. You’ll have the chance to mold how the Peace Corps works there and people’s impressions of it!

      • Heidi Jo,
        i also just got my official invitation for Colombia! Really excited. Looks like all the placements will be on the coast somewhere. Let’s set up a FB page!

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