TED talks you should watch, fourth edition

Maajid Nawaz: A global culture to fight extremism (18 minutes)

Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices song (14.5 minutes)


Weekly photo 25

Wedded Rocks, Mie, Japan, 3/2011

Fun video of joy and happiness

Weekly photo 24

Biggest. Sealion. Ever. Mie, Japan, 4/2011

My bad

So, I tell you where I’m going, and then I peace out for two and a half weeks? What a loser.

Sorry! So, I’ve been super busy, what with PC stuff and preparing to move back to the US, finishing up my job, kajillions of goodbyes, prepping for a third (!!) trip to India, etc… this has fallen by the wayside. I also won’t be updating much for the next month while I’m traveling.

My biggest concern right now, is that the US embassy STOP SUCKING AND GIVE ME MY EFFING PASSPORT RIGHT NOW WHAT THE EFF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE return my passport to me as soon as possible, seeing as I’m leaving the country in 6 days. I sent it to them for them to make a copy of (and certify the copy), and then they were supposed to send it right back to me and send the copy to the US with my no-fee passport application. But they received it a week ago, and they still haven’t sent it back to me, which I know because the tracking number on the return envelope hasn’t been activated yet. If they screwed up and sent the actual passport to the US, I may kill someone. Because that means I can’t get on a plane to India this Saturday. So not only do I lose $1400 in plane tickets, I’ll have moved out of my apartment and won’t have anywhere to live. Fun!