Ants in my pants? Camel spiders in my skirt?

I’m antsy. No, there aren’t real ants in my pants, although in Jordan there might be camel spiders under my floor-length skirt. But I’m antsy. My mom says that every time I prepare to leave the country, whether that be moving or just leaving after a visit, I get more emotional and annoying than usual. Which is actually quite a feat, considering that I’m a fairly emotional and annoying person to begin with.

Anyway, thanks to some serious frustrations today (USPS, I hate you. All of you. I hope you continue to suffer financially and eventually become privatized as punishment), I hit that stage this afternoon. I’m none too happy about it, but whatever, that’s life. I’m overly emotional and I’m a major worrier (thank you, genetic OCD). Yesterday I was worried about how much I worry. No, I’m not kidding.

Anyway, the point is, I’m nervous. I’m very excited, and my fears aren’t really the ones people around me seem to have – namely the region. It’s mainly just the same fears I had before moving to Spain and Japan. General nervousness about the fact that everything is going to change. I’m incredibly excited, but that nervous, jittery irritability is still there. Girl can’t help it.

I’ve been thinking about doing something silly in my travels, kind of like Dancing Matt from Where The Hell Is Matt. I mean, it’s kind of late to choose something to do in each place I visit – seeing how many places I’ve already visited and probably won’t go to again. Plus, doing the exact same thing he does would be silly. But it’d be fun to do something like that. Suggestions appreciated.


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