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Monday, 10/24/2011: Well, I’m here in Jordan, so far so good.

Lesson #1, courtesy of another PCT (Peace Corps Trainee): Hydrate or die. (noted)
Lesson #2, courtesy of my abused eyes: Wear sunglasses.

It’s all very… beige. Not in a bad way, but my eyes are a little confused. The people have been incredibly nice so far, and the food is fantastic.

We had our first Arabic lesson today, and, uhh, my throat kind of hurts. But it was fun, and it’s really quite a pretty language. We’ve left Amman and are now at a university to really get going on training. We’ll be meeting our host families on Thursday – I can greet them, and then, well, that’s it. But that’s ok, I’ll get it eventually! The drive to the university seemed quite pretty (and beige), although I slept through most of it.

I’m really nervous to meet my host family, but I’m excited to start learning about the culture! Love you all and miss you ❤


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  1. So it’s beige! Does that mean it’s overcast or are the buildings beige?
    Sounds interesting. Looks like you’re off to a good start. I already know you love your host family, so I’m very happy for you. Mema

  2. Hi Claire – this is Doreen. LOL re the “beige” comments – – Sounds like Irvine, here in SoCal. (Local joke eluding to the City’s strict building color codes!)

    I sense your excitement in your posts — how wonderful that you are doing this.

    Look forward to keeping track of your adventures ….. you’re a good writer!

    • Hey Doreen, beige should not be an acceptable building color for more than one building per block.

      So far it’s going pretty well, and yes, I’m excited! Thank you for the compliment – I’m trying to make the posts interesting, although I’m sure they won’t be sometimes.

  3. Hi Claire Bear, it was so great to hear your voice again yesterday. We are so glad that you are loving your host family. Sounds like the food suits you well, if only you could explain about portions! Been looking at many U Tubes on
    Mafraq. Very interesting!
    Enjoy and be well.We are so proud of your courage & determination.
    We send love & hugs, Nana & Papa

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