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Sunday, 10/31/2011: I’m in Mafraq at the moment, which is our “hub.” We come here for two days most weeks for group training on health, safety, language, and Peace Corps policy. The rest of the time we’re in our villages. I love my family of six kids; they’re absolutely wonderful. They’ve just taken me in as kid number seven. Lots of hanging around watching TV after lunch while Mom and Dad smoke hookah, dancing with the older girls, playing schoolground hand games with the younger two, and trying desperately to get the baby to like me. They’re a very close family, and it’s been great to be with them; I’m really lucky.

In fact, they just called me to say hi. Here was the conversation, with the Arabic in italics:

Me: Hello?
Mom: Hello, what’s your name?
Me: What’s my name? Claire.
Mom: Yes. I Mona. How are you?
Me: Alhamdu lillah (thanks be to God), I’m good. And you?
Mom: Alhamdu lillah, good. Uhhh, Noor (sister).
Me: Noor?
Mom: Noor.
Noor: Hello?
Me: Hello, Noor. How are you?
Noor: Alhamdu lillah.
Mom: Hello, Bara’a (another sister).
Bara’a: Hello, how are you?
Me: Hello, Bara’a, good, good.
Bara’a: Good. Tamara (friend).
Tamara: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Mom: Uhh, goodbye.
Me: Goodbye?
Mom: Goodbye!

I approve.


5 Responses

  1. Hi Claire; I love this post. It makes me feel happy all over. I hope things are still the same for you as far as your host family. It sounds like they truly like having you stay with them, and why wouldn’t they? Playing games with the younger children and being friends to the older girls! Very nice. I love you and miss you. Mema

  2. Sounds like some of my conversations with you and your sister! xoxo Mommy

  3. Me: Hello. I Auntie Torture. How are you? Good. I love you. Goodbye.
    …could not help it!
    love, at

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