Have you ever wanted to know what Bea Arthur would have looked like as a short redhead? Well, find one and put her in mom’s fancy dress, and you’ll find out.


5 Responses

  1. Darling, you look gorgeous!
    love a.t.

  2. Oh Bea. I have always loved you!!! xoxo Mommy

  3. That dress looks gorgeous on you! Forget Bea Arthur — no comparison. Love you, Mema

  4. Why, thank you, ladies! If someone besides Bea Arthur is going to pull off that type of fabulosity, it might as well be me!

  5. Don’t you look gorgeous! Bea Arthur better look out, there’s a new girl in town! The face,hair & dress are beautiful.
    We love reading about your family. Guess you’re leaving them soon to begin your next adventure. Good luck and
    big Hugs, Nana & Papa

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