Weekly photo 39

I know you’re all anxiously awaiting the final part of the Jordanian Wedding Trilogy, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait. In the meantime, I have another story for you. The story of the renegade spinach leaf.

See, once upon a time, a young lady had her four front teeth replaced with caps. Her teeth were, well, funky, and highly sensitive, so caps made life a lot easier. She was careful not to tear hard foods with them so as to baby them a bit, but they were sturdy. They survived carrots, corn on the cob, even an apple once.

But there was one thing they just couldn’t best.

And that thing was a soft spinach pie.

Yes, my friends, one of my four front caps snapped in half while I was chewing on a soft, fluffy bread-and-cooked-spinach delight.

Do you want to know what it looked like?

Brace yourselves. For here is the glory, and the shame (PS I look terrible because I had been sick for a month, but I look like a real person again now, don’t worry):

What happens when you try to eat healthfully - Mafraq, Jordan, 12/2011

Yes, my friends, it’s tragic. But don’t worry. Three trips to a dentist in Amman later, I have a tooth again. Mom, you can stop hiding your eyes in shame and you can start telling boys I’m a catch. Thumbs up.


3 Responses

  1. AAAAAAAaaaarrrrgggghhhh! Oh honey, you are beautiful no matter what shape your choppers are in. xoxo mommy

  2. Hi Claire,
    I finally got down to your blog. This wedding thing sounds very difficult – a symphony confusion and mixed messages.
    love, a.t.

  3. Wow Claire, you are lookin’ a bit like Andrew!! Only 25 more to loose!! LOL…. I finally had time to get to your blog and you are one fabulous writer! Love you, Toni

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