Weekly photo 41

What happens when you're ovenless - 1/2012

I sense this may require a small bit of explanation. See, there are two things going on here, and neither should be involved in baking a cake. But you see, I wasn’t baking a cake.

I was partially steaming a cake on the stove.

And, per some, ahem, sage advice, I mixed the contents of the cake mix with 7up in place of the oil and eggs.

Yes, friends, you got that right. I mixed cake mix and 7up, put a big pot of water on the stove, put the cake pan on top, and then put my largest metal mixing bowl over it as a cover (the pot lid is smaller than the cake pan and wouldn’t fit), and thusly attempted to make a chocolate cake.

I need to find an oven. That would not only afford me the opportunity to make cake, but also to expand my lunch and dinner repertoire beyond sandwiches, pasta, and noodle-bean soup. Yay cooking…?

The outer edges cooked, they really did! They were, well, cake-like. The middle, though… let’s just say it was a little muddy, and we’ll leave it at that.

But don’t think for one second I didn’t eat every bit of it. This, my friends, is called desperation.


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  1. Listen, if you REALLY want chocolate cake and don’t have a stove, some oil or imitation eggs leave it to the mother of invention. She’ll figure it out. Sounds YUMMY! Mema

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