Baby, it’s cold outside

In Japan, sometimes I felt like this little guy:

And when I thought “Peace Corps,” I thought “warm, sunny place with tropical fruit.” What I got, however, was “flipping desert full of sand that gets snow in the winter and has NO AVOCADOS.” In fact, it’s snowing as I write this, and as I walked home today I felt like this little guy:

Well played, US government, well played.

Yes, friends, it snows in the Middle East. A little nugget of knowledge for ya. On that note, I think it’s about time for a good ol’ true or false test. Get your fresh #2s and crisp scantrons ready, ’cause it’s test time!

1. Everyone owns a camel.
False, but you probably knew that. There are, however, quite a few of them down here in the Dirty South of Jordan. There aren’t any in my village. We’ve got goats, though, and donkeys, and some insane roosters who crow at midnight.

2. All Muslim women cover their hair.
False. I haven’t seen any uncovered in the villages, but there are plenty in the big cities – especially Amman. It’s not necessarily a sign of religious fervor, though – it’s what the good girls do.

3. They sit and drink coffee in tents.
True. Well, at least the ones who still live in Bedouin goat-hair tents – and believe me, they still exist.

4. On the same topic, they drink ridiculous amounts of coffee.
Farue…? Well, not that much of it, I suppose, but more than I would normally drink (that’s not saying much). They do, however drink insane amounts of tea. Or rather, liquid sugar with tea flavoring.

5. They eat their hummus the same way we eat their hummus.
False. It’s pretty much just bread with hummus, and it’s a breakfast food. No carrot or bell pepper sticks to dip in the delicious nectar, just bread.

How did you do? I know, those were pretty dumb, but give me a break, I’ve only been here four months!


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  1. Hey! That’s just how I like my hummus too!
    -Auntie Mari

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