Baking, also known as science experimentation

So, as some of you may remember, I was, until recently, ovenless and yet craving cake. Particularly chocolate cake. My landlady makes a lot of plain white cake, but as we all well know, that’s like kissing your sister. Humdrum. I wanted real cake, not that pansy vanilla stuff.

What a hardknock life I lead.

Well, my landlords, made of Awesome as they are, offered to look for an electric countertop oven for me on their next trip into a nearby city for me, and call if they found one.

But they didn’t do that.

Instead, they showed up at my door at 9pm with a traditional gas oven:

I went to get some money to pay them for it, and they refused – I get to use it for two years free of charge. Umm, win?

So, since my previous attempt at making cake was only semi-successful, I proceeded to make cake. Two cakes, in fact. One for me, and one for the landlords. I still substituted eggs and oil with 7up added to the mix, but that’s neither here nor there.

The landlords’ pineapple cake turned out well, thankfully. My chocolate cake, though, well, see, I was still getting used to having a gas oven. I had trouble figuring out just how much to open the gas line to get the right amount of flame, and also figuring out how much flame = 350 degrees. So it turned out less awesome in form, but equally delicious in flavor.


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  1. Looks yummy! Love you, Mema

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