Home sweet home

Hey there! I made a video of my house to show you guys quite a while back and had trouble uploading it. Well, my house looks a little different now, so I’ve just made a new one. Here you go!


Weekly photo 52

Missing springtime in Japan a little; Fukui, Japan, 4/2011

Oh yeah, wait a minute Mr. Postman!

Ok, so! The Great Post Office Confusion of 2012 has been sorted, and packages are officially A-ok. Win!

Here are the stipulations:

1. Max size: 8.25″ x 12.5″ envelopes (like the bubble mailers)

2. Don’t declare values over $20

3. If there’s anything brand-new, make sure it’s out of its packaging

4. No chocolate. Sad day, I know, but it’s too warm now and it’ll all melt

6. Don’t freak out if I don’t have it in a week. It takes about two weeks to get something, and I only go to the post office once a week at the very most. So, it could be a full month before I get something.

7. Check the address very, very carefully. Unlike Japan, where a completely, wildly incorrectly addressed package would still arrive in a timely manner, we can’t hope the postal workers here will be so thorough. If it’s not perfect, I probably won’t get it.

Ok? Ok! Address as follows:

Claire Louise
Wadi Musa
Box 148

Ok, that’s all. Have a good day! 🙂

The Four Corners, Middle East-style

Hey all, I went to Aqaba for Easter weekend and made a short video for you. Aqaba is a city on the Red Sea; it’s Jordan’s only little sliver of ocean access. Just thought you might find something interesting.

Weekly photo 51

Fun near the border – Aqaba, Jordan 4/2012