Weekly photo 53

Karak Castle – Jordan, 11/2011


My day, in internet pictures

I have a lot of internet pictures saved up to use on here. And I thought, why not just use some of them to show you how a typical day goes? So here it is.

At 5:15 my alarm goes off:

I get grumpy at the thought of going to work, but then I start to exercise and I feel like this:

So then I finish exercising, and remember I still have to go to work, which makes me want to say:

However, I have to go, so I remind myself of why I’m here and go back to this:

But then, I get to school and start dealing with my counterparts. One tells me I’m not doing anything as a volunteer (ignoring that most of my effort is focused on her…), and that to remedy that, we should start a community garden. Right now. Who cares if we don’t have a place for it? Just call Peace Corps and tell them to bring some money tomorrow (’cause that’s how the government works…) and we’ll make a community garden right away. We should have it finished by the end of the week, right?

Which quickly changes to:

I explain that that’s not how it works, and we finally agree that maybe we should just start by doing stuff at school. Like using more technology in the classroom. So she says, tell Peace Corps to give us money for CDs. I explain that it doesn’t work that way either, because that’s not sustainable. What happens when the CDs are all used? We’d become dependent on Peace Corps’ handouts. Not the point. So she tells me what’s the point of having Peace Corps volunteers if they can’t buy us whatever we want to use?

So then I have to calm myself down.

I decide to hide in the bathroom for a few minutes, and hope nobody notices:

But then, sixth period is over, and I’m ready to go to one of my after school activities. So things are looking up.

Today, I’m heading to a local souvenir shop to help the employees with their English, while also learning Jordanian Sign Language from a Deaf employee there. That’s awesome, except for one thing. He wants me to be his second wife. Not second as in, he’s divorced or widowed, second as in he has a wife and a baby at home and he wants an additional wife.

Once I’ve been there for a couple hours, I head home, grab a couple things, and head down the street to help two guys with their English. They’re studying for the TOEFL, Test of English as a Foreign Language. It turns out, they basically want me to be a human tape recorder. Because apparently the only thing anyone wants from me is English lessons. The fact that I actually try to have free time almost angers some people. Why am I not teaching their kids English after school every day? I mean, if I have time to cook, I should be at their house eating their lunch and making their kids fluent, native-like English speakers instead, right? And I really oughtn’t to exercise so much, because getting up early for that means going to bed earlier and I could’ve been teaching English during that time.

But then I get home, make dinner, and go upstairs to visit my landord’s family. I like them, and it’s fun, though I’m never 100% sure if their oldest son is actually joking about wanting to marry me. He also said if he couldn’t marry me, Maddy would be fine. Because as the younger sister, she’s probably less stubborn than I am…

I finally get away and head downstairs. I pull up Skype and since it’s a weekday, I’m not calling home, but instead I call NJD and I feel like this:

Then, if I’m really lucky, he sings me a Sinatra song, and I do this:

Have a good day, everyone. 🙂


So, as some of you may or not be aware, I am currently enjoying the company (mostly internet company, admittedly) of a gentleman friend.

Yes, that’s right, I have a boyfriend. He will be henceforth known as NJD, for reasons I don’t currently feel like explaining. I’m just too lazy.

Anyway, NJD is pretty awesome, and rest assured that y’all would approve. My mama raised me right, I know what’s up. 🙂

Beyond that, the school year is coming to an end in two weeks. It’s going to be a busy summer! Here goes:

The week after school ends I’ll visit my host family, followed by four days of helping the Operation Smile mission in Amman.
The next week, there’s a one-day environmental English camp nearby.
The first week of July I’m holding a girls’ self-defense/respect camp for one week.
The second week I’ll be helping at a friend’s critical thinking camp.
The third week will either be helping with another self-defense camp or a remedial English camp.
Then, it’s Ramadan and LIFE AS WE KNOW IT CEASES.

During Ramadan, guess who’s going to Turkey?! YESSSSS.

I guess that’s all, have a fantabulous day!