So, as some of you may or not be aware, I am currently enjoying the company (mostly internet company, admittedly) of a gentleman friend.

Yes, that’s right, I have a boyfriend. He will be henceforth known as NJD, for reasons I don’t currently feel like explaining. I’m just too lazy.

Anyway, NJD is pretty awesome, and rest assured that y’all would approve. My mama raised me right, I know what’s up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Beyond that, the school year is coming to an end in two weeks. It’s going to be a busy summer! Here goes:

The week after school ends I’ll visit my host family, followed by four days of helping the Operation Smile mission in Amman.
The next week, there’s a one-day environmental English camp nearby.
The first week of July I’m holding a girls’ self-defense/respect camp for one week.
The second week I’ll be helping at a friend’s critical thinking camp.
The third week will either be helping with another self-defense camp or a remedial English camp.
Then, it’s Ramadan and LIFE AS WE KNOW IT CEASES.

During Ramadan, guess who’s going to Turkey?! YESSSSS.

I guess that’s all, have a fantabulous day!


4 Responses

  1. I’m waiting for full credit regarding the NJD thingy. xoxo mommy

  2. I love the story in pictures. I would think that you would end up spending a lot of time cooling off in the bathroom! crazy people!!
    love a.t.

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