Pictures of Turkey – Istanbul

We had a fantastic time in Istanbul. I’d love to go back! The east side of the city wasn’t particularly interesting, but the western side was gorgeous, exciting, and fun (and a little expensive). It was a nice taste of Europe after having been in the Middle East for 10 months.

These are from various things around Istanbul, mostly on the western side but a little on the eastern side as well.

View from the Bosphorus

Also from the Bosphorus

Maiden’s Tower

From Maiden’s Tower to European Istanbul



Pictures of Turkey – Istanbul Markets

These pictures are from the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market, two really fantastic places in Istanbul.

Turkish Delight at the Spice Market

More Turkish Delight

Dried fruit

Turkish Viagra, har dee har

Finally, some spices at the Spice Market.

Close up of some of the tea.

More spices!

Now on to the Grand Bazaar.

Lots o’ things.

Saris on sale.

Knick knacks.


Lovely lamps.

Petra pictures

I’m working on catching up on all the pictures I haven’t posted, so here are pictures from Petra.

The Siq – the long entrance

The stairs leading up to the Monastery

The Monastery; ridiculous number of stairs to get up here.

Monastery entrance, for size

The ruins of the Princess Temple

The old town


The end of the Siq – arrival at the Treasury

The Treasury

Some of the rocks

After climbing past the Monastery, we found this. We also found a sign that said 250 meters to Israel, but I’m not 100% sure either of these signs is fully accurate. Although, both kind of could be, actually.

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

Ok so, uh, I should probably mention the news that everybody already knows, you know, that whole I’m-getting-married thing. So, err, I’m getting married. To NJD. In January. Woot!

Yaaaaay life is awesome!

Home rocky home

As usual, sorry for the delay. My internet has been awful, so I couldn’t get pictures to upload.

There’s a video tour of my house posted a while back, but I haven’t posted much about my town, Taybeh. Here are just a few pictures of the area.

My school.

Local rocks.

More local rocks.

The old town center, now used as a cool hotel.

Below town.

My side of town, taken from the upper area of town. That mosque in the middle is the one that’s really noisy and interrupts all our Skype calls.