Pictures of Turkey – Aya Sofya and Blue Mosque in Istanbul

The Aya Sofya (or Hagia Sophia) is a church originally built in the year 360, but that was converted into a mosque in 1453. It’s now a museum. There are old Christian mosaics and paintings, with Muslim additions all around.

Part of the Aya Sofya

Inside Aya Sofya.

Looking out the Aya Sofya window at the Blue Mosque.

The Blue Mosque (actual name Sultan Ahmed Mosque) was built in 1609. It’s still in use, but it’s also a tourist attraction. You can go in between prayer times. It’s called the Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles inside.

Place for washing your face, hands, and feet before praying.

Dome of the Blue Mosque


Apparent end of the line nearby.


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