Times they are a-changing

So… as usual, sorry for the radio silence. I was sick, and then lazy, and then they changed the posting format so I got grumpy, then I forgot. So.

A lot has changed for me in the past year. I went from Japan to Jordan (technically that’s over a year, but work with me). I upped my language count from four to six. I learned that people aren’t always who they seem, and that can be both good and bad. I found that in Jordan, you don’t shovel snow, you squeegee it. Oh, yeah, and I met, fell for, and decided to marry NJD. You know, as you do.

Speaking of NJD, we should be on our way to Amman now, preparing to fly home. But the weather decided not to cooperate, and dumped snow on us. We’re both snowed in. So we’re going to arrive on Friday instead of Thursday. We’re still coming, don’t worry! Just a day later. We’re both super excited, and hopeful to see what the changes for us will be in the next year. 🙂


George and Alfred Goodman-Becker

George and Alfred Goodman-Becker

George is the calico and Alfred is the grey one.